Developing a Charitable Giving Strategy Webcast

Register for our upcoming philanthropy webcast where experts from Fiduciary Trust Charitable and Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. will discuss the key steps to consider when creating and implementing a charitable giving strategy.  ▸

Wealth Planning

Proposed Tax Law Changes

Learn about the proposed changes to tax law introduced by the House in September 2021, how they may affect you, and potential prudent actions to take. ▸

Trusts and Estates

Sustainable Investing and Trusts

Learn about New Hampshire's law which makes it one of the few states to provide trustees more flexibility to pursue sustainable investing strategies. ▸

Investments - Strategy

The Role of Sustainable Investing

This article discusses how we examine ESG factors in all of our investment-related decisions and offer a range of sustainable investing options to fit a variety of client preferences. ▸

Wealth Planning

Changing Your Domicile

This article discusses the differences between domicile and residency in taxation and includes a checklist to help you understand the steps necessary to establish a new domicile. ▸

Other Insights

Choosing a Wealth Advisor: Key Questions to Ask

This article identifies key criteria to consider when choosing an advisory firm and advisor, as well as questions to ask potential advisors so that you can better understand what they have to offer and forsee possible shortcomings.  ▸

Investments - Markets

2021 Q2 Market Outlook: How High Is Up?

In our Q2 Market Outlook article, our Chief Investment Officer Hans F. Olsen, CFA, discusses how markets have reacted as investors begin to imagine how “normal” might look. ▸


Roth Conversions: Is Now the Time?

Investing with a Roth IRA enables tax-free growth. To take advantage of this benefit, you need to invest after-tax dollars that have been set aside in a retirement savings account. ▸

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